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Metaflop is an easy to use web application for modulating your own fonts. Metaflop uses Metafont, which allows you to easily customize a font within the given parameters and generate a large range of font families with very little effort.

With the Modulator it is possible to use Metafont without dealing with the programming language and coding by yourself, but simply by changing sliders or numeric values of the font parameter set. This enables you to focus on the visual output – adjusting the parameters of the typeface to your own taste. All the repetitive tasks are automated in the background.

The unique results can be downloaded as a webfont package for embedding on your homepage or an OpenType PostScript font (.otf) which can be used on any system in any application supporting otf.
Various Metafonts can be chosen from our type library. They all come along with a preset of type derivations you can choose from

Metaflop is free and open source software. You can find us on GitHub, both for the source code of the platform and for all the fonts.
The project was nominated for the federal swiss design award and the design prize switzerland.
Metaflop fonts have been used in a broad range of projects. Have a look at our showcases.